The World's Most Famous Pro Blackjack Players

If you're interested in learning more about pro blackjack players, then you'll want to start by taking a look at the life of perhaps the most famous contender of all - Ken Uston. Although he excelled at playing the game on his own, he designed, developed and perfected the concept of doing things as a team. It is well-known that this practice is strictly forbidden in casinos, but that didn't stop Uston and his team from racking up millions of dollars in wins. He's perhaps most famous for a ruling in his favor that venues could not ban players for counting cards, though he was banned from various venues after being caught signaling to others. Of course, he simply dressed in costume and continued to rack up the wins for years to come.

Stanford Wong

Next in line is Stanford Wong, one of the most prominent pro blackjack players not because he won millions, but because he developed strategies that are still in use today. His primary claim to fame, known as 'Wonging', requires an individual to simply relax at the table until the card count (which is simplistic in nature) became favorable. Then, at this point - and only at this point - would the individual step up to place a bet. He wrote a book called "Professional Blackjack" under the pen name of John Ferguson in 1975 and it is still one of the most sought-after books regarding this pastime in the world today. He also developed a computer program that he made commercially available that would help individuals better analyze their odds.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin also made a huge name for himself not by actually participating, but by applying mathematics to the practice. In fact, much of his time was spent developing theories which he had others put into practice. Once it was determined that his theories worked, the way people placed bets was forever changed. According to legend, the reason why he didn't gamble himself is that he lost all of his savings in Vegas during his college years. As such, as he was perfecting his strategies, he called upon others to put them to the test. He is also the author of a book that is thought to be one of the best in existence because it lays out a basic strategy in its entirety that anyone can use, whether they are beginners or burgeoning professionals.

Edward Thorpe

No list of pro blackjack players would be complete without a mention of Edward Thorpe, who was also a brilliant mathematician who provided plenty of insight in regard to the activity. He's contributions were theoretical in nature as well, and he delved into many different aspects of it including card counting, odds and strategy. In fact, the most well-accepted card counting methods in use today were created by Thorpe, and his calculations netted him a profit of more than $11,000 in a single weekend. Of course, this drew the attention of casino authorities who quickly tossed him out, but like Ken Uston above, he simply donned a disguise and returned.