How to Use the Martingale Blackjack Betting System

There are all kinds of gamblers in this world. Some go into a session of 21 and fare well using only their instinctive knowledge of mathematics, but others must go into it well-armed with information, strategy and a system. The Martingale blackjack betting system is by far the most popular in the world primarily because it is the simplest to follow. However, although there are some benefits, there are also some drawbacks with which to be concerned.

The Benefits

To use the Martingale blackjack betting system, players will create a 'base unit' which is, in essence, their minimum wagers. Each time they lose, they will double that unit and continue to do so until they have won. The point here is that by the time the win comes, they will make up for everything that they have lost and come out ahead, as well. It certainly sounds good in theory and it really can be beneficial for both new and experienced players alike, and there is a great deal of people who have used it with success.

The Drawbacks

Now, despite the fact that it obviously works, this system is a bit flawed in certain settings. When someone is asked to continually double their wagers, they will soon exceed the limits of most of the tables both online and in land-based venues. This can prove problematic as it defeats the purpose of making up for losses, but this is only true if an individual experiences a losing streak. This can be argued to an extent in that most pros believe that losing streaks are mathematically impossible when a sound strategy chart is followed carefully.

In order to properly use the Martingale blackjack betting system, then, it is important to combine it with some kind of strategy, whether it involves card counting or a chart. In this case, the odds of going on a losing streak are quite slim and this means that the table limits will not readily be exceeded. This is when the ability to make up for any losses truly shines and you'll be able to walk away with a fatter wallet.