A Free Live Casino Blackjack Tutorial For Beginners

If you've ever considered trying out one of the many internet-based gambling establishments providing live dealer blackjack, then it's probably best you consider this free live casino blackjack tutorial before you start spending your bankroll. There are some pretty significant differences of which you should be aware, particularly in that this is actually a real setting that foregoes computer software an instead features a real deck of cards.

The Benefits and Differences

The first thing that you'll want to understand is how the two choices differ and the benefits of choosing a live option. First of all, while you can't count cards in a traditional game, you can absolutely do so with these since a real shoe is being used much as it would in a bricks-and-mortar venue. You'll also be able to actually see a casino employee interacting with you via a video feed. For many people, 21 is a social game that is only really fun when seated at a table with others and facing someone who represents the establishment. Random number generators and software just take all of the pizzazz away for many. The only real issue you're ever likely to face is the waiting time. Unfortunately, things just don't progress as quickly since you'll be waiting for other players to place their bets and make choices along the way. Of course, this is a fantastic trade off in the sense that you'll get to participate in such a setting from the comforts of home.

Get to Know Your Options

Since only a handful of providers allow for the experience, this free live casino blackjack tutorial is quite universal. For instance, you'll get to choose a view; classic allows for better accessibility and a computer interface with which new online players will be most familiar while the 'real view' option is better suited for experts and allows a better view of the dealer. You'll be able to choose from among a few variants, too, starting with the standard and including things like Surrender, Switch and a few others depending on the establishment. Next, you'll probably be able to participate in bigger betting limits since these venues need to maximize on what they offer. Since a computer isn't handing you your cards, there's an employee on the other end of the video feed who had to be paid. You'll be hard-pressed to find very low limits, and free versions simply don't exist. Finally, be sure that you keep an eye on the bonus structure on offer since some of these incentives do not apply.

It is hoped that this live casino blackjack tutorial will help you feel more comfortable in the event that you decide to sit down and play for real money. Of course, while you can't really practice on the internet since venues don't traditionally offer free access, you can start with lower-limit tables and work your way up. Remember that the rules are always going to be the same, but the ways in which you interact will differ.