Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy & Win More

Blackjack strategies have been around for as long as the game itself, and the advent of computers and online blackjack games have only increased their accuracy. For the most part, learning the basic blackjack strategy is all a player needs to get started and reduce the house edge to an acceptable level. However, advanced players may want to move on to more advanced techniques.

How It's Developed

Before a player can learn blackjack strategy, they should first understand how the it is developed in the first place. In the 1980s, mathematicians found that when they input certain variables into a computer program--the rules for a specific table, the overall rules of gameplay and the number of decks in the shoe--they could easily determine the odds of winning at any given point in time. With this knowledge, blackjack strategy charts were developed that still circulate the internet today. Players can use these charts to determine which action should be used in which situation to make the game more profitable.

Follow a Chart Exactly

Online players are at an advantage when they learn blackjack strategy because they can play with a strategy chart right in front of them. This allows them to essentially look up the best choice in any situation they could find themselves in. It is important to choose a chart based upon the number of decks in the virtual shoe, and this information should be easily found somewhere within the venue's rules for blackjack. When a player follows these charts exactly, he or she can reduce the house edge to below one half of one percent--the lowest house edge of any other casino game. Most blackjack trainer applications reinforce this practice by ensuring a player makes the right bet based on odds, not instinct.

Don't Let Bankroll Dictate a Course of Action

A common mistake that players often make is allowing the amount of their bankrolls to determine their courses of action rather than following basic charts. For instance, if a player is in a situation in which the strategy would tell them to double down and he or she has a bankroll that is dwindling, then the player may feel as if doubling isn't necessary if a win is imminent. However, if the strategy says double, then the player should always double. This will help a player grow his or her bankroll back to where it should be.

Betting Techniques

Outside of learning a strategy for actually playing the game, players can also benefit from learning how to play blackjack with solid betting techniques. There are plenty of betting methods available to learn online, but one of the most famous involves starting out with a single unit--one dollar, for example--and doubling that unit each time a hand is lost. This helps players better recover their losses, but it is typically only helpful at tables where the betting range is quite wide.