Free European Blackjack Game and Rules

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Blackjack is a game that can be found in almost every online casino in the world, and most offer the traditional American blackjack as well as European blackjack. The trouble is that very few people outside of those from Europe, of course, are familiar with European blackjack rules. Although the variations between these two sets of rules are fairly simple to understand, everyone should learn how to play so that they can determine their preferences for this exciting and highly popular casino game. The options that the user can customize will vary a lot depending on the venue at which he or she chooses to play, so this is something to consider before making a deposit or placing a bet. Similarly, a lot of European blackjack free games are reserved for high rollers, so players should be sure to check their bankrolls as well as the bet spread before they get started.

The first difference in rules between these two games is that the dealer's hole card is not even dealt until the player has made his or her first decision regarding gameplay. Thus, once the player has decided whether to hit or stand, only then will the dealer receive the hole card and make his or her own decisions. Doubling down and splitting is allowed in this form of the game, but players can only double down on hands with values between nine and 11. Finally, the dealer is always required to stand on a soft 17, something that is unusual for traditional American blackjack.