Free Double Exposure Blackjack Game and Rules

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The Double Exposure Blackjack offering from Microgaming is part of this software development powerhouse's Gold Series lineup of blackjack games. Double Exposure rules vary somewhat from the traditional, but these variances are what make this free game so exciting for players. It is played with eight decks of 52 cards just like classic blackjack, and the objective remains the same as well. The player needs to create a hand of 21 or under that beats the dealer's hand without busting, or going over a hand value of 21. The primary difference between this game and other forms of blackjack is that both of the dealer's cards are dealt face-up rather than one being face-up and the other being face-down. Since this actually increases the player's odds, the payout table is adjusted and a natural blackjack pays even money rather than the standard three to two.

Players who are just learning about the Double Exposure blackjack rule, they quickly find that they can make better informed decisions when it comes to hitting or standing because they can see the dealer's exact hand value at all times. Because there is no 'hole card' for the dealer, there is no insurance bet in this game. Splitting is allowed in the game, but players cannot split cards of the same rank that both have a value of 10. Players can split up to four times, but the exception to this is that Aces can only be split once. There are no 'pushes', so all tie hands are considered lost to the dealer.