Microgaming Blackjack Games Are Some of the Best

Microgaming-powered online casinos are known for having some of the best blackjack options of any of the major software providers. In particular, they offer the single most important game of the modern online era, and they offer a lot of options for people who want to branch out and try different games. We want to give you a general overview of these games, what you can do to learn them and where you can play them to have the best chances of a good overall experience.

If you had to pick one game of this type to play, it should be the Classic Blackjack game available in the downloadable Microgaming software. This game allows a payout rate of 99.91 percent with correct play, the highest payout rate available in any table game on any site in existence today. What's more is that the strategies for this game are very easy to learn compared to most other table games, and a major part of that is that you can't double with soft hands. With an hour of study or so, you can very easily get the house advantage down to less than 0.25 percent in this particular form of blackjack making it a game that all table game players should know.

For players who are a fan of atypical games, the European Blackjack Redeal game is pretty interesting too. You can pay a set fee to change out cards for either your third card, the dealer's up card or your entire hand. You have to be careful in this game because sometimes really bad switches are available for free, but for the most part, the switches are mostly very close to the true value of making that play. However, sometimes you can find switches that improve the value of your hand as the player, and that's one of the things that makes this game so interesting.

One of the best places to enjoy Microgaming games is Jackpot City Casino. When you're talking about sites that have a good reputation for taking care of everybody, including table game players, this is always one of the main sites on the list for Canadian players. You can find more from Jackpot City Casino Canada, but we'll cover the highlights for you here.

Obviously this site uses the Microgaming software, but this gives them hundreds of titles for you to choose from, more than 10 of which are blackjack variations. They are known for giving out cool promotions on a regular basis that many different types of players can cash in on. When you play with Jackpot City, you'll see that they are very friendly for Canadian players, and they have the history that shows that they will really go the extra mile to take care of you with one of the best customer service systems in the business. Overall, if you're looking for somewhere to play, this is an excellent choice.