Make More Money with Successful Blackjack Betting Systems

Before you can make any money at all in the long run playing the famous game of 21, you're going to need to find and utilize blackjack systems that work. Essentially, successful blackjack betting systems are those that increase the odds in your favor and produce more wins than losses over time. There are several different types from which you can choose, too.

Positive and Negative Progressions

The most popular strategies out there are the ones that use positive and negative progressions to help make up for any losses that might occur. In a positive one, the individual will raise his or her bet after each loss so that a following win provides enough money to cover previous losses. A negative one, then, is the exact opposite. Its purpose is to lower the wager after a loss to avoid losing too much over time. In either case, there are several different options. The Martingale and Labouchere are the most popular, but some prefer the Fibonacci sequence even though it is a bit more mathematically complex. It should be noted that many of the richest and most famous players in the world have used these.

Card Counting

Though it is frowned upon in land based casinos and virtually impossible in online situations unless you are lucky enough to play against a live dealer, card counting is not illegal. There are some people out there who believe they must be mathematical geniuses to get this strategy down, but that's far from the truth. There are several successful blackjack betting systems that involve card counting which are quite simple to learn. The goal is to assign cards values that go along with the rate of the removal of certain values from the shoe. In this manner, it is possible to determine the odds of receiving something of just about any value with at least a bit of certainty.

It is absolutely imperative to consider these things before getting into any 21 session because without them, losses are imminent. The only way to beat the house - or at least reduce the odds enough that you have a fighting chance - is to use sound mathematics.