Common Blackjack Cheats and How They Are Performed

Blackjack cheats are always controversial, and they can result in fines and even jail time if those who utilize them are caught. However, there are still people out there who do it, though they work best in real-life settings and don't really help much when it comes to winning online. The first involves actually slightly bending the cards so that individuals can see what they are the next time they're dealt. Unfortunately, security cameras as well as dealers pick up on this trick, and most bent cards (even those bent accidentally) are immediately removed from the shoe.

The Old Switcheroo

Another one of the most common blackjack cheats is known as the Switcheroo. This can be done in one of two ways. First, individuals can be really brave and attempt to hide high-ranking cards within their sleeves to swap out for the less favorable ones they are dealt. Second, they can work with a partner at the same table and swap cards between each other. However, while it may be possible to get this past the dealer, there is still video surveillance to worry about. Those who get caught often have their winnings confiscated before being escorted out of the venue and banned for life. Some have even gone to jail and faced thousands of dollars in fines.


Although it is nearly impossible to pull off these days due to the placement of the tables and security cameras in most land-based casinos, there are some people who still swear by spooking as the best way to really win. It involves a team of two or more people, one of which stands somewhere behind the dealer while the others are seated at the same dealer's table. Once the cards have been dealt, the person standing at the back of the table pays very close attention in an attempt to get a peek at the dealer's hole card, then uses hand signals, body language or even facial tics to relay the information to the rest of the team. This method requires tons of skill because of the teamwork involved.