What Everyone Should Know about Blackjack Bonuses

Canadian gamblers love blackjack, and there are literally hundreds of websites out there willing to cater to them. Because of this, it can often be difficult to choose the best venue at which to make a deposit for the chance to really win big. Savvy players know that they'll need to look for a blackjack bonus that is just right for their play styles and spending habits.

What Is It?

A blackjack bonus is a free offer that a casino makes available to individuals who are either new to the venue or who have been loyal to the venue for quite some time. The largest promotions are given to people who are new to certain websites; they are considered marketing schemes designed to bring new business in through the virtual doors. Individuals decide to make a deposit, and the venue will match that payment by a percentage up to a fixed amount. Sometimes, there are promotions that are exclusive to people who play slots, poker and even blackjack.

How Will It Work?

Because this is usually a match award, individuals have to make initial payments into their accounts in order to take advantage. As an example, assume that a website is offering a 100% match of up to $200 to all new accountholders. Thus, if an individual chooses to deposit $200, he or she will receive the full value of $200 for a total bankroll of $400. However, if that individual opts to only deposit $50, then he or she will only be matched $50 for a total bankroll of $100. Either way, this is doubling the money and is a great opportunity.

Can the Funds be Withdrawn?

This depends on several different factors that are likely laid out in the terms and conditions of the offer. Some of them are sticky, and this means that once the funds are used, they simply roll off the account while allowing the player to continue to gamble with the winnings or cash them out once certain conditions have been met. Others are cashable, and this means that the player can actually withdraw the funds once the conditions have been met for doing so.

Wagering Requirements

All of the blackjack bonuses out there are going to be associated with some sort of wagering requirements, and this simply means that individuals are going to be required to spend a certain amount of money before they can withdraw anything. For example, most venues require individuals to spend 30 times the sum of the deposit and the casino cash awarded in order to withdraw any winnings. Thus, the individual who deposited $200 to receive a bankroll of $400 will need to spend $12,000 ($400x30) before anything can be cashed out.

Is It Worth the Hassle?

The wagering requirements can seem a bit harsh, but it's important to note that all of the winnings earned can be reinvested into the game and this definitely counts toward meeting them. In fact, it is completely possible to satisfy the venue's demands without ever having to make a second payment.