Try Basic Counting Techniques At Online Casinos

Anyone who is interested in learning advanced blackjack strategies at any point should start out with basic blackjack card counting. This is the foundation for all of the more advanced strategies and it will undoubtedly turn the odds in the player's favor if he or she can do it with enough precision. Players who frequent Canadian casinos can benefit from learning these basics.

The Basic Idea

The basic idea to remember when learning how to count cards in blackjack is that a deck that is full of Aces, Faces and 10s is valuable to the player whereas a deck with lower values is advantageous for the dealer. When the player can feel confident that the deck has turned the odds in his or her favor, he or she can then bet higher with less worry and win more money from the casino. Believe it or not, this is simple enough to do with minimal practice.

How are Aces, Faces and 10s Advantageous to the Player?

The player always has the advantage when there are more high cards in the deck because it increases the chances that the dealer will bust. It is important to keep in mind here that the dealer is always forced to stand on a soft 17 in casino poker. If the dealer has 16 and goes to hit, then the odds are that he or she will pull a high card and bust on the spot. Players can use this information to determine the best moves to make in any situation with which they are presented.

How Basic Counting Strategies Work

While advanced players are able to count every single card in the deck as it is played and remember the cards that are left, this is difficult and downright impossible for many people. As such, the basic strategies only require players to assign values to certain groups of cards and keep these values in mind while playing through the shoe. Every single system that is out there has advantages and disadvantages, so it is recommended that players learn a bit about them all before choosing one to take into a casino with them.

The Running Count

One of the first blackjack strategies that new players should take the time to learn involves keeping a running count of the shoe by assigning number values to the cards. It is sometimes referred to as the "high/low" card counting or the "plus/minus" basic blackjack card counting strategy because mentally recording the value of the cards will help the player determine what is left in the shoe. To do this, players assign the following values:

+1 (All numbers up to six),
0 (seven, eight and nine),
-1 (Aces, Faces and 10s)

Then, as the hand is played out, the player will keep a 'Running Count' in his or her head to determine whether or not the shoe is in his or her favor based upon the previously played hands.

More Advanced Strategies

Players can practice with the running count and other basic blackjack strategies in order to become familiar with them, but they should never stop there. Players should go on to learn how to count cards in blackjack in a more effective manner by learning advanced strategies. While it is not necessary to count every single card in any strategy, assigning more specific values and keeping closer count will help players develop their abilities to use balanced card counting systems that are more effective.